The experience of time

It is true that sometimes people would like to hide their mark and scars of time. But in reality thie marks and scars are the one that provided us with the experiences and learning that makes us who we are.
If we go by life without taking the moment to reflect, extract all the possible learnings that the day to day provide us with, then we can easily say that time has been wasted.
I want to give thanks for my life and the marks that life has provided me with. Because with out thoses I would never be able to consible me a happy person.

Go out and be proud of the time, the larnings and the challenges that life provide to you, because those are the memories that will remain at the old age.


1st Post in this Blog

As for 2010, I declare it, the year of change and adventure. Not because any politics or protests or war or markets or financial crisis or technical advances in the world. Simply because it was a year in which I found myself applying strategy and tactical implementation and adapting to achieve results not only at work, but in personal goals and life.
I am planning to start blogging the process of slowly write a few things that I have learn throughout my career and life. I have to be honest and declare that I do not have a complete path for the content of the blog, but I will construct it as we go.

Sometimes it might feel that I will be narrating a few timelines and stories. Sometimes, more like a statement or thought but either way, take what you like and drop what you don’t.

As the web is an open forum, at least that is what I believe. I encourage you to come from time to time and comment, improve, suggest and enhance the conversation/blog.

With that I leave it for now. I am looking forward to write a few things along the way and enjoy the conversation.