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Project Managers and dealing with dificult people: 1

Just about two days ago during lunch with peers, we were talking about different team members that were going to change roles in the organization. At that time I realized about a role that I was playing while managing a program.
“Shielding people from people” I do not know if it has happened to you or not but sometime when trying to get a group to work with other groups and/or individuals it gets difficult when an individual social or emotional skills are less than desirable. The person can be intellectually astounding and brilliant but in working to relate to others the person cannot operate.
At the beginning of the project, especially when you do not know all the players the Project manager spends some time to understand, learn the qualities of the team members in a individual, interpersonal and team environment. The individuals sometime without really want it creates problems that causes the PM to go into damage control. When you have and individual that is problematic in dealing special with external teams that is when the shielding process begins.
And it works something like this; the person will provide the PM with their opinion, response, contribution and comment. The PM will add the political savvy and adjust the delivery style to fit, without compromising the content. The process of shielding the receiver form any unpleasant or misunderstandings that could cause damage will consume time and effort but in the long term it normally saves time and money because it will minimize the damage control and firefighting needed.