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Burden your adversary with victory

As with picking the right battles or problems to tackle, there are situations in which you must select the option to let the opposition to (intentionally) win or take on larger responsibility.
This play is strategically for the long run, not necessary the short term.
Since when in business, you need to have a really good understanding of the final goal and/or mission. Since you are probably will be “giving” something up this can be perceived as a risky move.

You might concede a market area or segment in which the opposition business might need to spend lots of resources setting up, maintaining and supporting. Things to consider are suppliers, channels, sales, marketing, market adoption and incentives needed to capture the market.
Selecting not to get into a price war with a competitor may cause the brand of the competitor to erode or diminish in the eyes of the customers.
Since resources are not limitless the opposition might spread to thin, leaving other areas vulnerable that you can take advantage of. Or allowing you to
better concentrate to address specific needs. At the end of the day you want to be successful in your business.