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As a year comes to a close

It has been a great year of learning and challenges. It was just 365 days ago that a new chapter in my life started. The capacity and capabilities of the human being are always tested not in good times but in challenging ones.

I had the opportunity to take a leap in faith, believe that “yes we can” and make as many bold moves as possible to achieve success. This is why going back in the last year makes me think about human behavior, skills and aptitude.

In one extreme side you have a group of people that always see the glass half full. These are going to be the go getters, the ones that even if they get knock down they will rise and perform even better than before. It is very important for these individuals to keep moving, very active and optimists. This does not mean that they are not realistic, but they will believe in themselves and will achieve even in the dire conditions.  Fortunately these individual will always see and seek opportunities that will enable them to achieve their goals.

A friend of mine saw in the news this business owner that suffered a blow to his restaurant business. Over the night the main restaurant caught on fire burning most of the facilities and setting him back big time. Instead of closing or waiting for the insurance money (Hopefully he had insurance) He got in the next morning and figure out how to be open for business and continue to generate cash flow.

Another group is the Half Empty kind of people. Like the other group these are realistic people, but the main difference is how they react to any given situation. These people get knock down easily and it takes them a fair amount of time to get back on their feet. They will see life in neutral ways, bordering in pessimistic. Although they might think all bad things happen to them they will stay and do their best to continue the journey, often being grateful for what they got. They will take the opportunity if presented to them although once in a while the opportunity will pass by without notice.

Then you got this group waiting, literally waiting, at the left side of the chart.  As another friend of mine said to me that this group is the “Dry to the bone kind of a glass” type of individuals. These are the victims of a ongoing conspiracy that the universe has against them. Unfortunately they live in a gloomy type of bubble and nothing seems to help. Nothing is right for them, nothing is good enough and they are afraid of taking any chances or even take a look at the opportunity. They wait for things to drop in their laps or they let life or happiness past by their side. It is sad for me to see individuals behaving like that. You recognize them when people will provides them with help, goods and support and nothing positive comes back in return. And by that i mean that since they are always pessimist and negative they will take the help but after that they will sit once again looking for one thing that is not going right. No effort should be waste in trying thing, new one or old ones.

As the author Robert Greene says on his book “The 48 Laws of Power”, his law number 10 “INFECTION: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky”. His reasoning is that a person puts so much effort into helping or getting this group out, or break the cycle that it will demoralize you and drag you down or so much effort is put into the matter that we miss other opportunities. My take on this is to try once and if no positive reaction or a hint of effort is perceive, move on and help the next one in line.

One key element is that the majority of people think they are always behaving as “half full glass” individuals when in reality we might fluctuate between both. But it is hard to see ourselves in the mirror and make that decision solely on what we think or see without the inputs of other and consciously measure what you have delivered and goals achieved.  If we always thrive to search for the opportunities, continue to achieve our goals and always, always on the look to improve our lives and others near you, only then you might be able to say you are behaving “half full glass” attitude.

So as I group into three different types, tons of attributes into a single description, things gets more complicated than that. But it will allow me to think over the past year and kind of wonder whether I am “half full, Half Empty or Bone Dry” type of a glass.

What about if we all take a bold move today and at least pursue an opportunity to achieve our goals.